E-Cigarettes: What we need to know?

E-Cigarettes: What we need to know?

The E-cigarette is totally different from a typical tobacco cigarette. It is powered by a battery, doesn't requires a flame, no smoke, and no ash. They use tanks or cartridges with a liquid that contains nicotine, flavours, and other ingredients. In easy words, e-cigs are battery-operated devices that look exactly like regular ones. This is the reason we call them cigalike.

If you buy e-cigarette they provide the same feeling and taste of nicotine but cause less harm to their users. We know people have doubts about electronic cigarettes, is it safe, it will help in quitting, etc. So we have put everything in a brief to help you in finding most relatable answers.

What is E-Cigarette & what makes it different?

The anatomy of an e-cig is composed of several parts like a mouthpiece, a tank, e-liquid, atomizer, battery, and a charger. The atomizer heats the e-juice present in the device. The heating of liquid produces vapour that is sniffed by the user.

The main ingredient is e-liquid, which is also termed e-juice or vape juice. These e-juices are available in different flavours to enrich the vaping experience and double the fun. Whether you buy e-cigarette of any brand and quality, they all work in the same way.

Can E-Cigs help people Quit Smoking?

E-cigarettes are considered safe than traditional ones because of their innovative working and well-built structure. If anyone is looking to stopping smoking, they work best. Nowadays, it is convenient to buy e-cigarettes online in NZ if you are above 18 years of age.

People are turning to replace tobacco cigars and cigarettes with e-cigs as it helps in retrieving the lost sense of smell and taste. Additionally, it is economic, can be re-used as they are available in disposable and reusable variations. And the best part, the user can adjust the level of nicotine while using a vape pen.

Electronic cigarette is contributing a big role if you are willing to quit smoking. It helps in overcoming the addiction to nicotine. All in all, it is not easy to quit. It demands confidence and willpower to take the decision and work over it. And such vaping products are offering a better alternative to stop smoking. As it reduces the nicotine intake by giving greater satisfaction in comparison to the traditional cigarettes.

Prominent types of E-Cigarettes

Geek vape aegis can buy e-cigarettes online and enjoy different types of contours from pen style to rechargeable kits. The cigalike style is most popular as it is easy to use, handy, and worth investment. This new generation vaping product allows the user to experience smoke on the go. The prevalent varieties of electronic cigarettes available for every individual are:

  • E-cigars
  • Disposable e-cigs
  • Rechargeable two-piece units
  • Rechargeable three-piece e-cigs
  • Advanced personal vaporizers

What type of E-Cig or Vape is right for me?

Another common question that often disturbs the connoisseur cigarette smokers and the beginners as well is- what type of vape gear is right for me? Choosing becomes easy if you know someone who can suggest you or have tried one of them. For first-time users, disposables are good to experience what vaping tastes and feel like. There are endless flavours to accompany in this journey. You can head to starter kits from awesome brands. The 2 piece or first generation of e-cigs are still popular in the market. In case, anyone is interested in low maintenance products then pre-filled 2 piece e-cigs are excellent in every way, without the hassle of mixing or adjusting the levels.

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