How to Choose a Bong - The Beginners Guide

How to Choose a Bong - The Beginners Guide

Whether you are buying a bong for the first time or the 100th time, the decision is going to be difficult in both cases. However, the process would be more confusing and time-consuming if you are a beginner, wondering what type and where to buy a bong online?

Don’t worry, as our guide below includes the best information and honest pieces of advice to help you with everything.

What is a Bong?

Bong is a smoking device used by smokers. It cools down the smoke as it passes through the tube. Bongs were invented years ago in the Middle East for smoking tobacco, now have become a popular style for smoking tobacco. The make and shape are such that it quickly takes smoke deeper into the lungs.

A bong is composed of four basic parts – the water chamber, neck, downstem, and bowl, which maximise smoke and its density. Bongs and dab rigs might look similar, but regular ones are simpler than dab rigs. Their smoke process starts from the bowl when it heats, travels down through the downstem into the filtering water present at the base, gets collected in the device’s body, and, finally, pulled up through the neck and mouthpiece into the user’s mouth.

The user can feel a variation in the smoking experience in the case of bongs and the usual smoking. It is due to the size of the device and the involved filtration process. These innovative smoking devices can filter smoke, give it additional volume, remove some of its impurities and give cleaner and tastier puffs.

How to choose the right bong?

Picking the right bong is important for a smooth smoking experience. So, how to do that when you have so many options available out there? Well, being informative is the key here.

Starting with shapes is the best part of purchasing bongs. Experts say that contour is considered a primary hallmark. Here we would talk about the most popular shapes:

  • The Beakers: These glass bongs look like the flasks from our chemistry labs back in school. They have a typical 45-degree downstem and rounded or square base.
  • Straight Tube: Available in different sizes, it has a pipe, downstems of 45 or 90 degrees, a cone, and a chamber.
  • Bent Neck: Those with bent necks have a sort of breaker mechanism that prevents water from rising till the neck and into the smoker’s mouth.
  • Egg Water Pipe: Bongs with egg-shaped bodies have more room for bubbles and smoke to spread out and provide smooth hits.
  • Recyclers: Recyclers are popular for providing the coolest and smoothest hits. Smoke travels through multiple glass chambers and water pipes.

The Sizes

Size does matter here also, and selecting an ideal size isn’t that difficult. Unless you are a seasoned user. If you are a stay-at-home user, you have plenty of choices to make. You can go for a giant bong with ornate designs, medium-sized ones, or even small-sized ones. However, it is better to pick small or pocket sizes, if you prefer carrying them with you.

The standard sizes are 10, 14, and 18 mm, and also there is sexes (male/female) attachment choice to make. You don’t have to go into this depth if you are a newbie, but knowing that 18 mm bong size gives more pull than 14 mm is more than enough. Also, the giant ones with twisted smoking pipes can be difficult to clean.

The Materials

Bongs can be made out of just about any element, especially in today’s time, when people are bent on creating unusual things while putting their creativity to the best of use. Glass, metal, acrylic, ceramic, and silicone are the most popular and basic materials you would come across and probably even after many years from now.

Go for the Best one

With the availability of huge variety and choices, the expectations cannot be restricted to a specific type. However, pointers like considering shape, size, durability, cleanliness, attachments, brand reputation, and percolators, should be kept in mind when you buy a bong online for the first time.

Where to buy a smoking bong online?

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Summing-up, we suggest just like any other purchase, bongs also require thoughtful research and planning. Being informed while making the final selection would enhance the smoking experience. At times, besides knowing everything about the material, size, and shape, you might require proficient advice. Counting on The Puffing Kiwi would leave you ecstatic and gratified when you add the best bong to your precious collection.