Smoking vs Vaping: Know All Facts

Smoking vs Vaping: Know All Facts

Smoking downright is a destructive habit, which many people unfortunately have. This nasty habit makes smokers more susceptible to a wide array of health ailments in comparison to those who don't smoke. They are at a higher risk of various kinds of cancer, diabetes, stroke, kidney failure, osteoporosis and heart disease. Smoking also harms the smoker’s mental health.

What is more concerning here is that smokers are well-versed with these smoking effects, yet they lack the willpower to quit smoking at once. Some try cutting down their everyday smoking while others turn to e-cigarettes, vape pens and other types of vaping devices to have a smooth and easy transition from a smoker to a non-smoker.

But the question here arises, “Does vaping help one stop or quit smoking?” Quitting smoking should be the end goal, but research shows that transitioning to vaping from smoking can be of some help. If you are thinking of making this transition, it would be better for you to know about vaping and the difference between smoking and vaping.

Which One is Better – Vape or Smoke?

There is nothing like smoking is bad or vaping is good, as the healthiest option is not to practice them both. Those who don't smoke should not vape, but smokers can try vaping as a way to quit smoking. Vaping is not harmless but is less harmful than smoking, for it exposes the person doing it to fewer toxins. Smoking, on the other hand, exposes smokers to a plethora of toxins produced by burning tobacco and chemicals present in cigarettes.

Effects of Vaping and Smoking on Your Lungs

If you are caught up in the smoking vs. vaping dilemma, then knowing their side-effects on your body can help. Smoking affects every body part, especially the lungs, adversely. Chemicals present in cigarette smoke irritate the airways that carry air to the lungs and also damage tiny air sacs inside our lungs. Over the years, lairs of these air sacs combine to form larger air spaces that, in turn, reduce the oxygen moving capacity of the lungs. Smokers are at high risk of developing lung cancer, having paralysed lungs and a wide variety of lung problems that cause asthma, cough with phlegm, wheezing, breathlessness, etc.

Vaping has its share of harmful effects on our lungs, but not as severe as smoking. However, vaping has more or less equally harmful effects on the entire body as smoking. Vaping, especially when done through the modified vaping devices, releases free radicals in the body that weaken the immune system and promote cancer development.

Which One is Cheaper – Vaping or Smoking?

Vaping is a cheaper alternative to smoking. However, the cost would increase or decrease depending on how one goes about vaping or smoking regularly.

Is Vaping as Addictive as Smoking?

Vaping or use of electronic cigarettes came as a new trend back in 2004, which got a massive following and acceptance by the public at large. Some tried vaping products initially just for a change while many others saw them as good alternatives to smoking. Regardless of the reasons behind the first trials, many people soon realized that vaping is as addictive as smoking. Vape products come with nicotine and some addictive compounds similar to traditional cigarettes. People can even buy e-cigarettes with higher nicotine concentrations or can adjust the device’s voltage for a greater substance hit.

Are There Any Benefits of Vaping?

There are no such benefits of vaping but vaping effects are slightly better than smoking. This is simply because there is no tar, tobacco or smoke involved in vaping. It is a cleaner alternative to smoking, as it doesn't leave an unpleasant smell or residue. It is safer to vape with people around, as no tar and smoke are released in the process. However, smoking with people around is not a good idea, for passive smoking is just as harmful as smoking itself.

What Age You Must Be to Vape?

Selling nicotine vaping products to or the use of these products by those below 18 years of age is an offence. However, you would have to check with the local rules and regulations wherever you presently reside, as they differ from a place to another.

Is Nicotine Free Vaping Safe?

Vape product manufacturers have always marketed their products to be safe alternatives to smoking, but some of the researches have a different story to tell. They indicate that vaping can cause damage and even nicotine-free vaping can have adverse effects on the body. It can prevent nicotine dependence and cause general toxicity, inflammation and lung and throat irritation.

How to Quit Smoking?

If you neither wish to live any longer with your smoking habit nor want to consider vaping as a reliable transition medium, you must seek help to quit smoking once and for all. The path can be daunting but not impossible. You just have to reawaken your willpower and seek effective ways of stopping or quitting smoking at the earliest.