Juicy Double Wraps Wham Bam (Watermelon)


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Juicy Double Wraps Wham Bam (Watermelon) 

* 2 In Pack *

Sku code : PK 00132

Description :

Juicy has developed a new technique of adding even more delicious flavor to their cigar wraps. This secret intensifying process is done under perfect tobacco conditions and involves a 3 stage flavoring process.

This keeps Juicy cigar wraps moist and delicious with more flavor than any other brand.

Features :

*Juicy Blunts Juicy

*Double Wraps

*Sealed for guaranteed freshness

*Enhanced smoking experience

*High Quality

*Juiciest Blunt Tube in the WORLD

*Its just sooo Juicy!

*Each packet contains 2 x Blunts

*You will get one packet.

*Must be at least 18 years of age to purchase.*

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