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Buy the best Kush Herbal Blends online in New Zealand

We are The Puffing Kiwi one of the most reliable online stores for buying Kush herbal blends in New Zealand. We have a wide range of vaping products and stand as your local Vape experts with the best products. We have included the most trusted brands of this industry to satisfy all your requirements. These are tobacco-based rolling sheets are enriched with herbal ingredients and made from genuine Canadian bits of hemp and a unique formulation.

Kush has a wide variety of pre-rolled herbal smoking shells, fillers, and conical tubes. All these products are designed completely for use with legal herbal smoking blends to make a custom roll-your-own herbal cigarette.

Adding your favourite Kush herbal blend filler to the pre-rolled wraps can give a more enjoyable smoking experience. The easy-to-use smoking herbal fillers are 100% tobacco-free, nicotine-free, and packed in a zip-lock seal to keep them fresh.

The wraps burn smoothly and are free from nicotine, tobacco, THC, CBD, and cannabinoids, so we can trust them. The wraps are packed separately into cellophane to keep them fresh and safe. The most popular flavours are Zero, sweet, original, mixed grape, lemonade, kiwi strawberry, and berries.

How do you use Kush Herbal Wraps?

Kush Herbal wraps are easy to use. In case you are uncomfortable doing the wrap then rolling kits are also available for practicing how to roll and seal the wraps perfectly. Start wrapping the edge of the wrap around the tip to create a hollow opening, then fill it with Kush herbal blend flavour of your choice in a balanced proportion and texture before burning it. Next, roll the wrap and tuck it in. In the last step, moisten the end of the wrap to seal it. A perfect roll and seal would give you a satisfying herbal smoke experience. You can then repack the unused sheets for next use.