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At The Puffing Kiwi, we are thrilled to offer the most selective smoking accessories in New Zealand, including tobacco pipes, hookah, papers, vaporisers, and more. Bongs and metal pipes have been popular in the smoking world for ages. No doubt, they give a traditional yet decent look to the end-users in a universal way. Using a glass pipes give a smooth handling experience with a comfortable smoking time. This fantastic world of water pipes and bongs has observed numerous advancements to cater to the needs of smokers.

We stock a wide range of metal smoking pipe in our store such as large water pipes, metal pipes, ceramic pipe, etc. Come and grab the perfect piece of your choice and buy metal tobacco pipes to enhance your experience. Our collection includes high-quality, lightweight, and durable products at the best prices.

Metal Pipes (Bong) FAQs

What are Metal Smoking Pipes made of?

Metal smoking pipes are made of quality aluminium, brass, titanium or stainless steel.

What is the best Smoking Metal Pipe Brand?

We have a wide range of Tobacco metal pipes in our collection to elevate your smoking experience. One of the best brands in providing quality metal pipes is SMOK. We will give you the best deals for buy metal tobacco pipes.

How do I choose a Metal Pipe/Bong?

Picking a perfect metal pipe can be tricky, we suggest considering the chamber shape, size, polish, and price. You can start with straight tube designs available at The Puffing Kiwi they are easy to load, smoke, and simple to clean.