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Buy Best E-Cigarettes Online in New Zealand

The journey of e-cigarettes or vape products witnessed multiple transformations in the past decades. From the first generation of disposable e-cigarettes to the fourth generation of vaping mods, it passed many tests and won varied features. Earlier versions had refillable cartridges, then they got tanks or mods and now, the latest version is known as Pod Mods.

Generally, an e-cigarette and Vape pen is the same thing. They come with a rechargeable battery and refillable tank features. The pens can be re-used and can be filled with your favourite e-liquid. Whereas, e-cigarettes look like regular cigarettes that come in one unit and can't be re-used.

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Smoke Vape (E-Cigarette) FAQs

Do E-Cigarettes or Vape Pens cost more than regular Cigarettes?

Yes, e-cigarettes or Vape pens cost you more than regular cigarettes. The advanced qualities of vape pens and the capacity to enhance the smoking experience raise their price.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Harmful?

Smoking is harmful. But electronic cigarettes or vape pens are considered less harmful in comparison to regular cigarettes. It is advised to use them in moderation. It is also considered that people may use vape pens or e-cigarettes to for quit smoking tobacco.

Which is the best Online Vape Store in NZ?

No doubt, The Puffing Kiwi has the best collection of Starter kits, advanced kits, and other high-quality vaping products. We offer fast shipping across NZ to both rural and urban areas. So you can buy e-cigarettes online easily with us.

Are E-Cigarettes Legal in New Zealand?

The Smoke-free Environment Act 1990 restricts use indoors, smoking in parks, sports grounds, bars. Vaping products are intended to be used by adults only.