Nasty Juice Cushman Salts 30ml - 35MG

Nasty Juice Cushman Salts 30ml - 35MG


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Nasty Juice Cushman Salts 30ml - 35MG

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Description :

Cush Man – Sticky, sweet mango candy flavor with delightful tang notes on the inhale. The juiciness of the mango taste destroys your thirst. Each breath is as sweet as candy. Few things are as refreshing as the savory taste of a juicy, mature mango. When you coat this exquisite mango flavor in candy sugar, you have a taste that pleases the tongue. If you’re a fan of candy and don’t want to worry about your teeth, check out Cush Man’s steam juice. The Cush Man of Nasty Juice tastes exactly like the mango-flavored rubber candies that explode with juicy goodness.

Key Features of Nasty Juice Cushman Salts

  • Brand Name: Nasty Juice 
  • Flavor: Cushman Salts
  • Nicotine: 35MG
  • Size: 30ml

*Must be at least 18 years of age to purchase.*