Nasty Juice Tobacco Silver 60ml - 6MG

Nasty Juice Tobacco Silver 60ml - 6MG


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Nasty Juice Tobacco Silver 60ml - 3MG

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Description :

Be favored with the exquisite and elegant tobacco series. Classic and upscale blend, with hints of vanilla custard in each puff. Blended to perfection that you cannot help but crave for more.

NastySalt is a specially formulated product using the best ingredients to get nicotine in the blood more quickly to provide a more realistic feel of smoking vape. This product only required a simple low wattage device that will meet your satisfaction. Higher dosage of nicotine making it perfect for open system devices and for mouth to lung vaping.

Key Features of Nasty Juice Tobacco Silver

  • Brand Name: Nasty Juice 
  • Flavor: Tobacco Silver
  • Nicotine: 6MG
  • Size: 60ml

*Must be at least 18 years of age to purchase.*